Explosion on King Street

Faith Hunter and I have been collaborating on a couple of short fiction projects for about a year now. We began with “Water Witch,” a novelette that blends elements of her Jane Yellowrock universe with the world I created for my Thieftaker Chronicles, which I write Water Witch, by Faith Hunter and D.B. Jacksonas D.B. Jackson. In “Water Witch” Ethan Kaille, my thieftaking, conjuring hero first encounters young Hannah Everhart, an ancestor of Molly Everhart, Jane Yellowrock’s best friend. Together, they encounter a demon and solve a mystery.

More recently, Faith and I have continued to build on Ethan and Hannah’s friendship with a serialized tale called “Explosion on King Street.” We have been publishing segments of our story in our respective newsletters, but wanted to offer to readers who have come later to the tale the complete story as it stands to date.  You can find a link to the story below. To read more of the story as it’s released, subscribe to Faith’s Newsletter here, and my newsletter here.


Explosion on King Street, by Faith Hunter and D.B. Jackson

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