Winds of the Forelands

RULES OF ASCENSION, by David B. Coe SEEDS OF BETRAYAL, by David B. CoeA kingdom on the verge of civil war….

A young noble falsely accused of a vicious killing….

Whispers of a conspiracy among the mysterious Qirsi sorcerers who serve emperors, kings, and dukes throughout the seven realms….

BONDS OF VENGEANCE, by David B. CoeSHAPERS OF DARKNESS, by David B. CoeSo begins an epic tale of murder and intrigue, romance and betrayal, politics and warfare, all set in a magical, richly detailed world.

Winds of the Forelands is a five book series consisting of RULES OF ASCENSION, SEEDS OF BETRAYAL, BONDS OF VENGEANCE, SHAPERS OF DARKNESS, and WEAVERS OF WAR.

WEAVERS OF WAR, by David B. CoeRead sample chapters of RULES OF ASCENSION

Read sample chapters of SEEDS OF BETRAYAL

Read sample chapters of BONDS OF VENGEANCE

Read sample chapters of SHAPERS OF DARKNESS

Read sample chapters of WEAVERS OF WAR

“Gathers momentum like a runaway moving van. . . Absorbing. . . After this impressive opening volume, one can only hope that Coe will keep up the high standard in the remainder of a projected four-book series.” — Publisher’s Weekly on RULES OF ASCENSION

“Coe’s world is much more intricate than that of most similar fantasy writers, and he seems to have a deeper grasp than most of the complexities of interhuman relationships. There’s plenty of action as well in this promising opening sequence.” — Science Fiction Chronicle on RULES OF ASCENSION

“A large cast of well-realized, plausible characters and world building as good as that in all but a few similar fantasies. . . Mesmerizing, highly readable fantasy.” — Booklist on RULES OF ASCENSION

“The author deftly manages a multistrand plot full of political intrigue that never flags despite the wealth of engrossing detail. A large cast of characters both old and new enliven the sword and sorcery. Readers who go for good clean fantasy fun will eagerly await the next installment.” — Publisher’s Weekly on SEEDS OF BETRAYAL

“Both action and the cast loom large; the members of the latter are well drawn; and Forelands politics are as complex as any tracked by the daily media. . . This book maintains the intelligence and complexity of Rules of Ascension.” — Booklist on SEEDS OF BETRAYAL

“The characters are very well wrought, and the burgeoning aura of suspicion is only too convincingly realized. Admirers of Rules of Ascension (2002) and Seeds of Betrayal (2003) will be gratified by their new series mate.” — Booklist on BONDS OF VENGEANCE

“The notion of a charismatic leader who directs his followers by ‘turning’ them to his will via dream telepathy gives this series an evocative edge.” — Publisher’s Weekly on BONDS OF VENGEANCE

“If the series continues to maintain its present level of imaginative world building, superior characterization, and sound prose, [the final volume] too will be as welcome an addition to fantasy collections as this one is.” — Booklist on SHAPERS OF DARKNESS

“Full of magic and intrigue, Weavers of War: Book Five of Winds of the Forelands, the final volume in David B. Coe’s epic fantasy series, will keep fans turning the pages to the exciting climax.” — Publisher’s Weekly on WEAVERS OF WAR

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