LonTobyn Maps

Children of Amarid, art work by Romas KukalisWith the re-release of Children of Amarid, The Outlanders, and Eagle-Sage, it seems a good idea to make available the original maps developed for the LonTobyn series. These are not the artist’s versions that appeared in the published novels. The Outlanders, art work by Romas KukalisThese are the maps created by the author himself while he was writing. They are hand drawn, with labels printed on a laser printer from Word Perfect files, cut out, and glued to the page. That’s old school.

Eagle-Sage, book 3 of the LonTobyn Chronicle (jacket art by Romas Kukalis)The maps can be viewed by clicking on the links below. And you can zoom in closer by clicking on the images themselves.


Map of Tobyn-Ser

Map of Lon-Ser

Map of Bragor-Nal

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