Case Files of Justis Fearsson

SHADOW'S BLADE, by David B. Coe (jacket art by Alan Pollock)“Ask most people to point at the moon, and they’ll lift their gaze skyward, trying to locate it. Ask the same of a weremyste like me, and we don’t have to search for it. We know where it is. Always, and precisely. As it waxes full, we can feel it robbing us of our sanity and enhancing the strength of our magic. Like ocean tides, our minds and our runecraft are subject to its pull.”

So begins Spell Blind, the opening volume of The Case Files of Justis Fearsson, the new urban fantasy from award-winning, nationally bestselling author David B. Coe.

Layout 1Justis “Jay” Fearsson is a private investigator and former police detective. He’s also a runemyste; his mind and magic are at the mercy of the full moon. The phasings send him careening into psychosis each month, and, worse, will eventually rob him of his sanity permanently, just as they did Jay’s father. Jay could take blockers, powerful drugs that would prevent the moon from touching his mind, but only at the price of his ability to cast spells. It’s not a trade he’s willing to make. At least not yet. Because with his magic, Jay is able to see and do things other investigators can’t, and to apprehend criminals who might otherwise escape.

Spell Blind, by David B. Coe (jacket art by Alan Pollock)Together with his father, Leander Fearsson, his former partner, Deandra “Kona” Shaw, his new love, Billie Castle, and Namid’skemu, the spirit of an ancient Zuni shaman, who trains him in the ways of spell craft, Jay is about to embark on a series of adventures that will change the way you think about magic, the moon, your own grasp on reality.

The Case Files of Justis Fearsson includes:

“Long Nights Moon” (Short story)


“New Moon Wolf” (Short Story)



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