The Chalice War: Cauldron

The Chalice War: Cauldron, by David B. Coe

An unsolved murder in the middle of downtown Sydney.

A deadly attack on the city’s Sidhe community.

Sidhe sorcerer Riann Donovan has fled a tragic past in the U.S. and established herself in Sydney, Australia as a photojournalist. Called to work a murder scene, she learns the victim is Sidhe and finds herself on the run from a swarm of demons and Fomhoire conjurers.

She turns for help to Carrie Pelsher — new in the city, not Sidhe but possessed of a mysterious affinity for magic.

Together they are drawn into a war as old as history itself, caught between forces ancient and deadly, all of them pursuing a treasure of unimaginable power. Failure would mean armageddon; success prolongs the conflict for another day.

Our world stands poised on the edge of a blade.

Step into a world of magic and intrigue, in which the Battle Furies — the deadly Morrigan — moonlight as Vegas night club singers, the sea god, Manannán mac Lir, is a Parrot-Head, and ancient magic threatens the existence of our world.

The Chalice War: Cauldron is the second book in the new Celtic-influenced urban fantasy trilogy from award-winning author David B. Coe and Bell Bridge Books.

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Praise for The Chalice War

“An engaging, emotional read that carves out a space of its own in reinterpretations of Irish mythology. I look forward to more!” – CE Murphy, author of The Walker Papers and the Old Races series


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