Photo Friday: Thinleaf Coneflower

Happy Friday, all. Another week has drawn to a close — another spate of news, some of it maddening, some of it tragic, some of it uplifting. And another set of work tasks — editing, writing, revising, online convention panels. Even stuck at home, with the pandemic continuing to tightly circumscribe my life, I feel that from week to week I’m doing different things and struggling with new emotions.

The one constant in my routine is my morning walk. A bit over three miles on the rails-to-trails path not too far from our home. This week, I found a bloom I hadn’t noticed before. Superficially, it resembles the Black-eyed Susans blooming in Nancy’s garden, but it’s substantially smaller — the plant itself and the blossoms. A bit of research leads me to believe this is Thinleaf Coneflower, but I could be wrong.

Whatever it is, it’s beautiful.

I wish you a wonderful weekend. Stay safe, be good to one another.

Thinleaf Coneflower, by David B. Coe